No “Lieblingswort” for more than a year. But recently I watched a video, summarizing the news from Chile that I followed for some weeks back then. This was not only a powerful video providing food for thought. It also gave me a word I would like to share with you via this blog: Cacerolazo.

Literally translated „cacerole“ means casserole. In Latin America, people bang on pots and pans to protest against governments – that’s what they call „Cacerolazo“. And seeing what goes on or goes wrong in many countries across the continent, I can understand the urge of protesting. Corruption, social inequality or the lack of support for a historic peace deal (in Colombia) are resulting in many protests, most of them are peaceful. With partly very violent reactions from police and military forces against the protests, can these governments claim to be democratic?

Growing up in Germany, banging on pots has a completely different meaning to children than Cacerolazo. It is a game known from birthday parties. A kid wearing a blindfold and equipped with a wooden spoon crawls around the floor. In banging the spoon, it tries to find an overturned pot, holding sweets or a small present. You can imagine a lot of fun being involved here.

Those different motivations for banging on pots do not only make me recognize how blessed we are, living in a free and democratic country. It also makes me wish we all could see the world through the eyes of a child. Being open-minded, seeking fun and happiness, and not taking ourselves too serious would make our world a better place.

Comparing our mostly smaller challenges with those from people in countries such as Colombia or Chile should not hold us back from wanting to change things. Even in countries like Germany there is a lot to improve. And we are blessed to live in a place where you can vote, protest and express your opinion with respect. Far away and not so far away from places where this is anything but granted.



„Lieblingswort“ definition: Cacerolazo is a form of protest, with people calling for attention in banging on pots and pans. A possible origin of this expression and movement could be the protests of housewives in Chile in the seventies, times of food shortage in the country.

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La Dolce Vita

Ok, even though I sit in a small town at the Slovenian seaside, my latest favorite word (or better ‚attitude towards life‘) fits perfectly: La Dolce Vita! After all, the Italian Adriatic Coast is just a short distance away… Weiterlesen „La Dolce Vita“

La Dolce Vita

Na gut, ich sitze zwar gerade in einem slowenischen Küstenort, mein aktuelles Lieblingswort (oder besser eine Lebenseinstellung) könnte trotzdem nicht besser passen: La Dolce Vita! Immerhin ist die italienische Adria-Küste nur wenige Kilometer entfernt… Weiterlesen „La Dolce Vita“


This month I’ve chosen a strong word: Passion!

To jump head-first into something means to focus with all your senses and first of all wholeheartedly. This creates a lot of energy and carries you away, in the truest sense of the word. Such power can have a significant impact. Thus, it’s all the more important to use it for a good cause. Weiterlesen „„Passion““


Diesen Monat habe ich mir ein starkes Wort ausgesucht: Leidenschaft!

Sich mit Leidenschaft in etwas zu stürzen bedeutet, mit allen Sinnen und vor allem mit dem ganzen Herzen dabei zu sein. Das setzt Energie frei und ist im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes  mitreißend. Mit einer solchen Kraft kann man Einiges anrichten, umso wichtiger ist es, sie für etwas Gutes einzusetzen. Weiterlesen „„Leidenschaft““


Ich habe mich schon wieder daran gewöhnt, dass es morgens und abends dunkel ist, auf dem Weg zwischen Büro und zu Hause. Und dann schleicht sich langsam aber stetig die Helligkeit zurück in unser Leben. Da fällt nicht nur das Aufstehen am Morgen leichter, auch die Abende kommen einem wieder länger vor. Der Frühling kündigt sich an und eine seiner vielleicht schönsten Botinnen ist die Kirschblüte, mein aktuelles Lieblingswort. Weiterlesen „„Kirschblüte““


It comes as no surprise that „passport“ qualifies as a favorite word? Sure, it makes you think of the big, wide world, adventures, exotic destinations and timeout from every day life! Provided that one has the money to travel and was born in a country where a passport stands for freedom of travel. this is a privilege I wake up to every time when traveling.

Weiterlesen „„Passport““